Republic of Uncertainty

We all know life is rough, and no matter how much the system tries to sugar coat it with stories about a better future, it´s gonna hurt eventually. But that´s alright, we have become now more aware that we all simply live in the Republic of Uncertainty.

My life as an artist began at a very early age. As much as I enjoyed a fascination with exploring the world, I grew up during a very tumultuous time in my country of origin: Colombia. This prevented me from traveling to many places I always dreamed about. I didn´t have it as bad as other of my countrymen, of course, and as a matter of fact, I had the privilege to canalize this desire of exploration through art. That became my playground.

But suddenly life happens and you start to wonder, when does art become life, and when does life become art? We live in a system that wants to categorize everything, control everyone, and exert its power over us. How can we be free then, when even the art world isn´t any different?

Through REP FUN I´m opening a new route where I can communicate with the outside differently. Art can and should be much more than what a gallery or a museum will consider to be worth putting inside (or outside) their walls. REP FUN is an invitation to be a part of this game, where there are no limits as an artist, and how I can communicate with you.

Santiago Montoya - Miami, October 2020






Republic of Uncertainty